Field individual project: Matrials

After my research on Cardiff’s industrial and manufacturing past I started to thinks about materials appropriate to the subject.

Bob Campbell recycles Mechanical and Industrial parts to make furniture and sculpture.


Jim Zivic, sculptural table made of coal.



Fiels individual project: Historical research

Cardiff had been a small town before the nineteenth century when it became a major exporter of coal and iron. The Bute west dock was built in 1839, the Bute east dock built in 1855, the Roath basin dug in 1874 and the Roath dock built in 1887. The rail way reached Cardiff in 1841, easier transport fueled fueled industrial growth in Cardiff. Its industries included shipbuilding rope making, iron and steel, brewing milling and paper making.

aero 8.tif

In 1905 Cardiff was made a city in 1955 it became the welsh capital. In the twentieth century the port and manufacturing industries declined drastically and were replaced but service industries.


Bronze casting pt1

aObject for casting is covered in strips of clay








bClay is then built around and a cylinder of clay is added to make a pouring hole.








dThe clay is then covered with plaster and the proses is repeated with the other side of the object.










DSC_0117One half of the clays is removed, the plaster sealed together with wax and silicone is poured in. This is then repeated on the other side. Pouring holes are make in the silicone.






Field individual project: Walk to Cardiff bay

From the city brief we were given I have chosen to look at the hidden city. To start my project I went on a walk to Cardiff bay looking for inspiration and taking photos of anything that interested me. When reflecting on the pictures I took I found an interest in the industrial past of Cardiff bay, I think I had expected to see more signs of its former functions but found it to be mostly built up with modern apartment buildings and restaurants. From this experience I am going to focus my project on Cardiff’s industrial past.

BayWalk to bay Crain

Field individual project: Alginate

While starting our proses for bronze casting we experimented with alginate casting.

DSC_0034We filled a paper cup with alginate then put a had in it until it set, then gently lifted the hand out of the alginate. The alginate was then filled with plaster and left to set.



















It was then tipped out of the paper cup and the alginate was pulled away revealing a highly detailed cast of a hand.