Field individual project: Wood laser cutting + castling

castleTo make the tower structures I used castling. Each bit of castling had e length of 5mm and a height of 4mm, I was using 4mm thick ply wood. I used a grid of 1mm by 1mm on Corel Draw and dew with the poly line tool.







DSC_0169DSC_0170It fit together perfectly and was stuck together with wood glue and held with masking tape while it dried.









RasterDSC_0181When cutting the wooden cogs, rather than mess around trying to get the shaft size right in the program, I had the circle engraved rather than cut out then drilled the 6mm hole using the circle as a guide.








Bronze casting pt4

DSC_0153The Bronze is melted to about 1200 degrees Celsius.










eThe Ceramic shells are buried up to the cup in sand and the bronze is poured. 3 people are involved in pouring 2 people, the pourer and another the bronze to the sand pit, the pourer pours the bronze while the other holds the other end of the bar the bronze is held on and keeps it level, the third person guides the pourer.








DSC_0156Once the bronze is set and cooled the ceramic shell is smashed away.










Though I would like to be able to use bronze casting in my field project, it takes too land and there isn’t enough time left on this project. I defiantly want to do this proses again and explore making larger more experimental casts.