BAMs Edge text

For the text running around the edge I wanted to test to see how I could best use the space available. I wanted to be able to fit in the text I had selected and leave enough space for attaching risers when making the wax tree. I tested with 2 sets of stamps one large borrowed from another student and one small metal set borrowed from the metal workshop technician as well as writing with a clay tool by hand.

DSC_0411DSC_0405DSC_0402The small metal stamps will definitely give me the most room and will be best used on wax.


BAMs Drone Modeling2

The first drone I modeled had wings that Protruded long, out to the side, this may not qualify for BAMs’ palm of the hand size requirement so I modeled another similar drone with wind that fade into the flat of the medal instead.

DSC_0432 DSC_0431 DSC_0430 DSC_0427

Faking it- Group ideas

As a group we gathered to read through the story and extract any important information that might assist in designing our set. We decided on whether to work on making a Film set or theatre stage we settled on the latter concluding it would be more enjoyable to work around having to tell a traveling story, showing new fictional locations within the same space.

We then started exploring the themes of the story to ground our ideas in the context of the story when developing the set. The story is set in a future of space travel from a 1950’s perspective, the book was published in 1950, we agreed this would be an interesting aesthetic to work with and intend to do more research into this visual style. We also want to emphasize the emotionally complex atmosphere from the story of paranoia, fear, suspense, wonder and hope.

We also considered the effect the shape of the stage would have on an audience, what would be visible from what angles different angles. As we went over our notes we decided to start  sketching of our individual ideas for the scenery with all this in mind, we will gather together again to examine and combine our ideas.


Faking it- session 1

My first field option ‘Faking It’ is a module based around creating a set for film or theatre focusing on scenes from an assigned story ‘The Million Year Picnic’ from Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, a collection of stories that chronicles the human colonization of Mars and atomic devastation of earth. For this project we were divided into of 4 which mine consists of two fine artists, an illustrator and a maker, I feel like this will give an appropriate combination of styles, skills and mediums to giving us an effective range of ideas and approaches.

To kickoff the project we were asked to researching into prop and scenic designers for theatre, television and film. We looked at popular TV series and films such as ‘The Walking Dead’, King Kong, and Lord of the Rings’ and found a company called Weta Workshops who create props such as weapons, miniatures, model making and prosthetics.

We were given the opportunity to sign up for workshops in Laser cutting and 3D printing. These workshop weren’t of any interest to me as I have already been inducted in these processes, they were probably something other courses hadn’t encountered but for maker and product design there wasn’t anything new to learn.

Seed- Deck chair

For this quick ideas session introducing one of the seed options for subject we were designing deck chairs. I started out trying to sketch some ideas but found I wasn’t getting any where with that so I started playing with some materials.

I was vaguely aware that for what ever reason I wanted to try making a three legged chair. experimenting with some bits of wood and wire I wound up making a chair that had a star shape from some angles. I put some black fabric over the top to upholster it. The chair looked like it had potential to be quite comfortable, but the three prongs, which i imagine to be a back rest and arm rests are proportionally equal when the back rest should be larger. It should probably have a wider gap at the front for sitting down.

DSC_0678 DSC_0676 DSC_0675

BAMs drone modeling

For my medal, condemning the destructive nature of drone attacks, I wanted to model a drone flying up out of the blue skies into viability.

DSC_0434 DSC_0437 DSC_0438 DSC_0440

The drone rises from the tail out to the nose, the Idea behind this is that in bronze the most of it will be oxidized blue and only the nose and missiles will be polished back to a shine.