Are you sitting comfortably? session 3

I have started drawing concepts for my chair, to make it a functioning creative space I plan on fixing fold up drawing boards to the arms of the chair. I was asked if I intended to put them on just one or both sides, to cater to both left and right handed people I would like to put them on both sides, this will also give the user a spare space to put materials, paints/inks at a safe but reachable distance while working on the other board. Tying it specifically back to the staff persona they listed one on one tutorials as their favorite part of their job, this would allow then to write out notes on one board while talking to a student and keep papers for the next tutorials or a cup of coffee on the other leaving any desk space free for the student’s work.

There will also be cork or magnetic white boards attached to sides of the back rest, these will be on hinges allowing them the be pulled closer to the chair to give the user focus or pushed away the open out the space. These can be used to put up notes, time tables or inspirational/referential images. While a cork board would probably suit the wood best there is the risk of pins falling out and onto the seat, a magnetic whiteboard may be safer.


Are you sitting comfortably? Staff interview

From the interview I selected a few areas of focus, from the answers they gave. The answer they gave for the question, What would your ideal day be like?, they said coming in to the warm after being outdoors on a cold day. From this I am considering internal and external elements, perhaps building external elements through up cycling found scrap materials while making a welcoming internal space with the ply wood provided. There was a recurring theme of drawing and creativity in their answers, I would like to apply this to the chair by designing it to be an encouraging and comfortable creative space. They are also a very colourful  person, their favorite colour is yellow, so I will also be considering ways to put colour into the chair.

While trying to draw ideas for the chair I am having trouble with considering the up cycled elements, I don’t know what materials I will have, what side or shape they will be so can not draw then in to designs with and certainty.

Are you sitting comfortably? session 2

This session started to look at the shape and scale of chairs, we started with a continuous line drawing practice. we were asked to copy from a sheet of continuous line drawing and consider the best place to begin and end the drawing, I found that without being able to lift my hand and look, I drew areas larger or smaller than parts I had already drawn and the chairs I drew were miss shaped. We then translated the 2D line drawings into 3D wire shapes. I began by just making the drawing 3D but later started trying to make then 1:6 scale of the measurements we made in the first session, the wire was also used as a continuous line and when trying to bend the wire some of the lengths were slightly shortened or lengthened so some chair legs don’t quite match, then two meeting ends were then spot welded to closed the shape.

We then started to work with plane drawings, practicing drawing with “solid” rather than “hairy” lines, the continuous line drawings we had been working with were reworked into 3D representational drawings. We were asked to consider how we would construct these in card so the surfaces were joined and would reliably hold weight without collapsing, presumably the weight of a 1:6 scale figure to test the scale of the card chairs as well. We ran out of time in the session and I will have to finish these in my own time.

Are you sitting comfortably? session 1

In the first session we received our brief for the project. We will be designing and making a one off bespoke chair, it must be useable, safe, comfortable and be able to withstand a lot of use. We will be supplied with a single sheet of 1200x1200x12mm birch faced multiply additional materials must be recycled or up-cycled. We randomly chose the name of a member of staff who had volunteered to be interviewed in order to create a client persona to further research into client needs and wants.

we then conducted dimensional research on various chairs. To begin to understand the ergonomics and anthropometric we will need to make our chairs comfortable we drew out side and front views of chairs then measured seat height; seat depth; seat width; seat angle; backrest height; backrest angle. We then compared the data to get an idea of what we should be using in out own work to make it comfortable and useable.

I am now beginning research into sustainable design and furniture made with with recycled and up-cycled materials and making an A3 mood board, as well as additional research into ergonomics and anthropometric. We will also me making our own sketchbooks and will be collecting different papers/ materials of our choice for the pages.

Seed- Design consequences formative

Following a formative assessment I have taken on board advice that was given to me and intend to down scale the project significantly. A four room sized installation piece is not practical going to be achieved in the time I have while I still have BAMs, field and constellation to work on, nor would part of rooms be practical. I have decided to narrow it down to an object representative of each room.